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Excel eBook – beginner, intermediate, advanced Excel

Financial Mentor’s Excel eBook is free and available for anyone to download as a pdf. Learn about the most important Excel shortcuts and functions to succeed in your career!

Excel eBook

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Welcome to the official Excel eBook from the Financial Mentor. In this 206-page summary, we walk through all the most important and useful Excel functionalities that will advance your career in financial services. From logical functions such as IFERROR to calculating the yield of a bond, Financial Mentor’s Excel eBook will provide you examples and shortcuts to these and many more! We hope you find this book useful in reaching your future goals.

Financial Mentor’s book on Excel is divided into four chapters. Below is a detailed breakdown of what’s included in each chapter.


Excel Shortcuts for PC and Mac (Chapter 1)

Chapter one of the Excel book contains:


Basic Excel Formulas (Chapter 2)


Advanced Excel Formulas (Chapter 3)


Most Useful Excel function For Financial Modeling (Chapter 4)







Book review

Below is one of many reviews Financial Mentor received from satisfied readers of the Principle of Excel eBook:

“This Excel eBook gave me all the shortcuts, formulas and functions I needed to become a power user! Thanks Financial Mentor.” – Colis

Excel eBook

Download Financial Mentor's
Free eBook Now!

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This Excel eBook is a great way to jumpstart your spreadsheet knowledge. Whether you are a beginner or
intermediate student, this book is a great way to get a lot of information in one highly organized format. And the best part is…it’s 100% free!

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